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Weekend Cat Blogging: Goodbye, Little Man


On Friday morning, we learned that Morrison had cancer. He’d been vomiting for a few days, and when we took him in to see the internist who had been treating his diabetes, she couldn’t hear his heartbeat because of a massive tumor. There was another one in his sinus, and she said that the best treatment would only buy him a few painful weeks if it didn’t kill him outright. She couldn’t believe he could even still breathe without oxygen.

Our little guy deserved better, and we couldn’t bear the thought of him suffering so we decided to say goodbye and euthanize him then. It’s hard to say goodbye to old friends who are such a part of the family. Morrison was my wife’s cat for two years before she met me so he really was there at the beginning. Fortunately for me he liked me as much as I liked him.

I went from being a strict dog person to a dog and cat person over the eleven years that I lived with Morrison. There are many things that I will miss such as his coming to wake us up in the morning, his unique trick of petting his face with his back paw, the way he used to lay there and chew on the dogs’ nylabones that were almost as big as him, his habit of knocking keys off the counter and looking at you like he really wasn’t trying to hit the dogs, and the way he always soldiered on despite arthritis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and all kinds of other issues.

It was a hard two years for him, but he was never unhappy, never in pain, and always a great friend.

We’ll miss him terribly, but always cherish the time we had with him.

Update: My wife has a beautiful post about him on her blog. And a cute picture as well.


  1. James,
    The church of Catymology will say a special prayer for Morrison in the 127th edition of the Carnival of the Cats.

  2. Thank you for sharing M. with us.

    Shall I include this photo in the Carnival of the Cats gallery?


  3. So very sorry to hear about Mr. Morrison. It sounds almost exactly like Tucker’s last days. His mom said he started throwing up and the vet found a large tumor in his stomach and chest. He was too weak.

    Personally, I have lost three very old Siamese cats and two old maid mutts over the years and it is always hard. The current rescue dog we have had for three years has lymphoma of the skin and is on oral chemotherapy… so far, so good with him.

    Thanks for the visit. May Morrison rest in peace.

  4. So sorry for your loss.

    Peace to you and Morrison.

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts.

    srp, I hope your pup pulls through, and I’m glad he’s doing well.

  6. Laurence, He’s already in the gallery (and even won catmodel of the week once) but feel free to add this one if more than one picture is permitted.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about Morrison. I vividly remember the death of my own cat as a teenager. How is your dog adjusting?

  8. I’m sorry for Morrison’s loss. We’ve lost four this year. It doesn’t get any easier.

    While this decision is the hardest for any animal guardian to make, it’s the most loving thing we can do.

    Godspeed, Morrison.

  9. I am also sorry to hear of your loss. It is always the toughest part of having a pet, but it is also the time when they need us the most to be strong for them.

  10. I am sorry for your and your wife’s loss. What a sweet face.

  11. Serenity and love. To those who go and those who stay. We’ll be as one someday.

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