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Weakened Hound Blogging: Home

They’re tired, but everyone is doing much better after this week’s ordeal.

Want to make a fast friend by saving a greyhound in Central Texas? Check these pups out. Or go here to find a greyhound near you. You can also go here to find out why greyhounds are running for their lives.

If you have dogs who need proven leadership, go here to find a cat.


  1. They should be featured in iPod commercials!

  2. I think Daphne still looks a bit sick.

  3. Heather, That’s actually the green of good health

    Mark, I’ll cook for them, but they’re not getting ipods…

  4. Cool pictures. We would love to adopt a Greyhound, as we have a track here. Sigh.. they are so gorgeous.


  5. They get along well with cats too.

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