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The Stream after the Storm

One of my favorite places in the neighborhood is the little stream that runs north along the trail and feeds the pond. It’s about 1/8th of a mile from the house, but it’s a lovely little shaded place to sit and watch or listen to birds. There’s a little wooden footbridge over the stream, which is where I took this picture late last summer.

Late Summer 2008

Late Summer 2008

About 2 weeks ago a monster hail storm rolled through our neighborhood. No tornadoes, but the center was rotating when it went over the bridge on its way to our house where it broke a window and ruined the roof. It also took a bunch of trees. The picture below is the same view, standing on the bridge. Despite the fact that I shot it with a much wider lens than the one above, the trees over the water make it seem tighter.

After the Storm, June 2009

After the Storm, June 2009

The stream still flows beneath all that and the grackles at least could be heard bathing and nuk-nuking under the fallen tree.

For another view, here’s one I shot last winter. I used the same lens — all the way wide — for both of these shots. There isn’t much shade left there now.

From the footbridge on the trail in winter

From the footbridge on the trail in winter

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  1. oh gosh, what a mess the storm made…. Looks a lovely stream though

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