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Five years ago today I began this little blog over on Blogger. Prior to installing WordPress, this was a static site I’d started back in 2003 where I occasionally posted short stories and poems, all hand-coded html, so Coyote Mercury has actually been around for 7 years, but the first post went up 5 years ago today.

It’s interesting to me how the site has taken shape and changed over the years and how it’s really become an important part of my writing practice. What I originally thought might be just a lark or a quick experiment somehow became more than that.

I’m all ragweeded out after a great ACL Fest (post forthcoming), so for today, I’ll just say thanks to everyone who has ever come around here to read, comment or link. I do appreciate it.


  1. A belated congratulations on reaching that milestone!

  2. And another tardy, but enthusiastic, happy birthday!

  3. Thanks, guys.

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