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Say Grackle

Purple iridescence,
and a hard-edged thrill to say.

How can a person not love
any chance to speak that word:


I’ll never understand
why everyone hates grackles.

(But then I don’t have
thousands living in my trees.)

Out the window as I type,
a fledgling takes food:

an adult showing
the young bird how to live.

I’ll lose a whole day watching,
wondering where they’ll go.

Maybe I’m not the only person who loves grackles.


  1. They are interesting — though I’m aggravated with them for dominating our bird feeder. Love the first two lines.

    • Thanks, Sherry. The don’t come to our feeders in large numbers, just a few families in spring and early summer. Many people around here consider them nuisance birds, though.

  2. very vivid capture of birds and their lives..
    love the imagery.

  3. invite you sharing a free verse with poets rally today.… 9 hours to go before we are closed.

    Hope to see you in!
    Have A Blessed Thursday!

    keep writing, keep sharing…

  4. I believe them to be nuisance birds, and have changed my offerings in our feeders accordingly. However, I am impressed by your consistent love for them and tend to view them in a bit of a different light as a result.

    Your poetic brainwashing is working. :-)

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