I started Coyote Mercury in July 2003 as a static author site with a bio and a few stories and poems with hand-coded HTML. I started the blog in October 2005, and it soon took over the site.

The name comes from a character A Place Without a Postcard, a coyote named Mercury.

About Coyote Mercury Press

I started Coyote Mercury Press in 2009 to publish a chapbook of my micropoems. I had so much fun, I kept going. Currently Coyote Mercury Press only publishes my own work, but in the future I may try  to publish the work of other writers. For now, think of me as that mad scientist testing the mysterious potion out on himself first.

Needless to say, Coyote Mercury Press is not currently accepting any manuscripts. Any unsolicited manuscripts sent to me will be deleted unread.

If you have any other questions regarding Coyote Mercury Press, please contact me.


I appreciate comments, and I try to respond them. I do reserve the right to delete profane, hateful, rude or baiting comments. Please be nice.

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