20140326-193421.jpgThe Short Bio

James Brush lives in Austin, TX and posts things online at Coyote Mercury where he keeps a full list of publications. He also edits the online literary journal Gnarled Oak.


The Less Short Bio

James Brush lives in Austin, TX where he teaches high school English. He claims Newport, RI as his hometown, but after twenty-some-odd years in central Texas, he can’t imagine living anywhere without a great Mexican restaurant on every corner. He earned his MA at the University of Texas at Austin where he was a James Michener Fellow at the Texas Center for Writers. He is the author of Highway Sky, the Pushcart-nominated Six October StonesBirds Nobody LovesA Place Without a Postcard, and numerous scraps of paper around his house. His favorite thing to do is hang out and spend time with his wife and young son. You can find him online at Coyote Mercury or anywhere good enchiladas are served. He also edits the online literary journal Gnarled Oak.


INFP (I’ll Never Find Profitability)

James Brush saw a career counselor and took the battery of aptitude tests hoping to hear he’d be a good ultrasound tech, marketing guru, or sorcerer. He sat in the waiting room smoking cigars with expectant fathers from the ’50s. He considered the pipe wrench he’d picked up at Home Depot; he could try plumbing. A peregrine falcon on the window ledge tore apart a pigeon for her nestlings. A good omen? When the counselor called his name, he saw it in her eyes. You’d make a fine teacher or maybe a poet. I’m sorry, she added, there’s nothing we can do. You can find him online at coyotemercury.com, and he edits the online literary journal Gnarled Oak.

–the bio from What Stranger Miracles (White Knuckle Press, 2016)