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These small stones are short observational micro-poem-things mostly about nature. They are the result of paying close attention to the world around and writing from those moments. Learn more about writing small stones at Writing Our Way Home.

warm september moon
a hard glow
between elm branches

fevered skin
a wolf pack stalking
over snow

among rain lilies
a mockingbird

walking as slow
as greyhounds allow
I watch the sun
set behind the oaks

4.25.14 (Three Cinquains)

bees navigate
fields of wildflowers
I stop and watch

windblown, yellow
dancing, twisting, shimmering
lunchtime passes too fast

fields in red bloom
killdeer race through the grass
and bees hover silently, slow

This is an attempt to write cinquains in the three formats found here, but using the same or similar topics and words (firewheels, stop, enough) that I also used in today’s NaPoWriMo / PAD tritina poem “It Is Enough.”

bluebonnets fading
their scent lingers in the air
firewheels begin

our dark street
three deer, hoofs clacking
morning stars

this strange midnight
music floats through the oaks
the lone mockingbird’s nocturnal

3 ‘Ku

a deer herd
silent through the trees
the dogs freeze

I Doodle, You Ku 2014 #30


he pushes away
the approaching toothbrush
late sunset fading

I Doodle, You Ku #27


dad’s telescope
pointing towards Saturn
eyes open to wonder

I Doodle, You Ku #26

the neighbor’s lanterns
sway in this late cold front breeze
someone new moves in

I Doodle, You ‘Ku #2014-23

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