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These small stones are short observational micro-poem-things mostly about nature. They are the result of paying close attention to the world around and writing from those moments. Learn more about writing small stones at Writing Our Way Home.


my yard work helper
throws mud, laughing

high forties
running through sprinklers
in filthy pj’s

red bud blossoms
flickers of warmth
in grey fog

rain lilies           dawn’s fading stars

the road to summer
a field full of primroses
& a killdeer’s cries

spring wildflowers
the pennies I found
outside the jail

like Bashō
I walked the length of Japan
said Fitbit’s email

tree shadows
late sunset painted
on brick homes
Venus peeks out from
a cirrus curtain

the old dog’s ribs
shift with each breath
these long nights



the moon
cradled in elm

plastic ghosts
sway on the wind

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