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An iTunes History of the World (1762-2001)

I’ve never attempted a thematic playlist on iTunes, but today I wondered what the history of the world would sound like coming from my iPod. What emerged is actually kind of a cool playlist. Here it is…

“Circa 1762” – Pavement
“1916” – Nucleus
“1916 (Battle of Boogaloo)” – Nucleus
“Easter 1916” – Nucleus
“Paris 1919” – John Cale & Alejandro Escovedo
“Cadillac 1959” – Bill Frisell
“1962” – Michael Fracasso with Patty Griffin
“1963” – New Order
“’64 Aka Go” – Lemonjelly
“1968” – Bill Frisell
“Winter ’68” – The Black Angels
“Summer ’68” – Pink Floyd
“’68 Aka Only Time” – Lemonjelly
“Death Valley ’69” – Sonic Youth
“October 1970” – Mushroom
“1972 Bronze Medalist” – The Bad Plus
“’75 Aka Stay With You” – Lemonjelly
“’76 Aka The Slow Train” – Lemonjelly
“1979” – Smashing Pumpkins
“1979 Semi-Finalist” – The Bad Plus
“’79 Aka The Shouty Track” – Lemonjelly
“1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
“The World in 1984” – Shearwater
“’88 Aka Come Down On Me” – Lemonjelly
“’90 Aka A Man Like Me” – Lemonjelly
“The Summer of ’91” – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
“Food Gathering In Post-Industrial America, 1992” – Frank Zappa
“’93 Aka Don’t Stop Me Now” – Lemonjelly
“’95 Aka Make Things Right” – Lemonjelly
“Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997” – Beck
“2001 Spliff Odyssey” – Thievery Corporation

Maybe it’s time for school to start again?

Anyways, feel free to steal this meme-like. I won’t tag anyone, though.


  1. I want to play, but am not smart enough to figure out how to make iTunes search for song titles with years in them. And I assume you only want years, so Syd Straw doing “Future 40’s (String of Pearls),” say, doesn’t count.

  2. I also didn’t count The Police’s “Born in the 50’s”. You have to do a series of searches for 19, 18, 17, etc. and then for good measure a search for ‘. I probably had a bit too much time on my hands.

  3. Way too much time. I thought there was some clever trick–shoot.

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