I just realized I hit ‘save’ instead of ‘publish’ on this yesterday. Oh well, a day late, no songs short, and some really interesting guitarists in this mix.

*’s by the ones I’ve seen live…

  1. “Subterranean Homesick Alien” – Radiohead – OK Computer
  2. “Drunken Butterfly” – Sonic Youth* – Dirty
  3. “Loretta’s Scars” – Pavement* – Slanted & Enchanted
  4. “Moron” – The Dead Milkmen* – Eat Your Paisley
  5. “Outta Hand” – Dinosaur Jr* – Without a Sound
  6. “The Lost City of Refuge” – …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – Worlds Apart
  7. “Animal Farm” – John Scofield – Überjam
  8. “(Take a) Beetle to the Badlands – The Slip* – Angels Come on Time
  9. “Hoverin'” – The Amps – Pacer
  10. “Unchained” – Willie Nelson* & Johnny Cash – VH1 Storytellers

OK Computer is probably my favorite album of the ’90s.

In ’92, I saw Pavement open for Sonic Youth at Liberty Lunch. They were probably supporting the albums listed here and probably played those songs. It wasn’t a great night for SY (three attempts at “Sugar Kane,” three busted strings), but Pavement, a band I’d never before heard, was a revelation.

I don’t know how many times I saw the Dead Milkmen at Liberty Lunch, but I never missed one of their shows from ’89-’93. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more consistently fun act.

Dinosaur Jr fits right in with SY and Pavement for brilliant guitar weirdness.  I finally got to see them last year.

If I was ten years younger, I’d probably never miss a Trail of Dead show. But, I’m not so I buy the CDs and pretend I’m cool. I am, however, just the right age for someone like Scofield and I do like him.

The Slip was a great ACL Fest discovery from a few years back. The Amps were Kim Deal’s post-Breeders low-fi experiment, and for my money, more interesting.

Willie & Cash. That would have been cool to see.