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Friday Random Ten

A Sonic Youth cover of a Madonna tune and Supertramp, Jobim following the Milkmen all playing harmoniously in today’s random ten, yet it works. Asterisks by the ones I’ve caught live.

  1. “Memories Can’t Wait” – Talking Heads* – Fear of Music
  2. “Into the Groovey” – Sonic Youth* – The White(y) Album
  3. “Bending New Corners” – Erik Truffaz – The Mask
  4. “Broken Promise” – New Order* – Brotherhood
  5. “Indigo is Blue” – Catherine Wheel* – Ferment
  6. “Lord Is It Mine” – Supertramp – Breakfast in America
  7. “Neighbor Neighbor” – ZZ Top – ZZ Top’s First Album
  8. “’95 Aka Make Things Right” – Lemonjelly – ’64-‘95
  9. “Beach Party Vietnam” – Dead Milkmen* – Eat Your Paisley
  10. “Dialogo” – Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave


  1. how can i hear Lord is it Mine? is this for sale on itunes? do you have samples on your site somewhere?

  2. “Lord is it Mine?” comes from the Breakfast in America CD that I’ve had for years. I suspect it’s available on iTunes, though.

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