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Bird Pictures from Canyon of the Eagles

Here are a few of the better pictures of birds from Saturday’s trip up the Canyon of the Eagles.

This is a bald eagle. They roost there this time of year. We mostly saw juveniles, which look more like hawks because they don’t have the white heads yet. This is the best shot I could get of an adult. A 300mm lens doesn’t do it justice, but that’s all I’ve got. It looked stunning through the binoculars.

Bald Eagle

Next up we have some pelicans chilling with a flock of ducks…


A couple of blue herons standing in a tree on top of a cliff…

Blue Herons

And finally some seagulls who didn’t mind getting closer to me and my camera…





  1. Great photos. If you want to take a day trip, there is an eagle’s nest, with young, on Hwy. 29, just east of Llano. I blogged about it a couple of months ago. The post also has a link to a site with almost daily photos of the eagles.

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures. They’re stunning.

  3. Amazing shots! Especially the 4th and 6th took myk breath away.

  4. Jessica and Scottage, Thanks. I’m glad the pictures came out well. I’ve never tried shooting wild creatures before, well, except for my cat, and I think I might have to try it again.

    dquack, I’ll have to check out your post. I’ve been meaning to check out the Llano eagles for years and I don’t know why I haven’t.

  5. simply amazing, WOW no words to describe the joy to see them. Thanks for making it possible to see them birds.

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