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A Springtime Walk

Cardinal singing for spring

Every tree along the trail to the pond wears its own cardinal, each claiming territory and attracting mates, filling the air with song. Gnatcatchers and kinglets hop through the branches with the chickadees. Blue Jays build a nest by the pond where the ducks had been until yesterday when they got the migration call and departed for points north. With all the birds alive and calling attention to themselves, the deer skeleton was quite a shock.

on a bed of leaves,
a deer skeleton picked clean,
save one furry hoof


  1. I’m intrigued by the photo James. It looks like a reflection in water, except for the fact that the bird is so clear. How did you do it?

  2. very sweet photo james…I also like your first line for prompt….very fitting for today. World Water Day

  3. Heather, It is not a reflection, just a happy accident. What appears to be water is just a whole lot of gently swaying juniper branches between the bird and me. The narrow depth of field combined with the movement of the branches gives it that look. Very much one of those lucky-to-have-thought-to-bring-the-camera moments.

  4. Well that is just too cool! Gotta love those happy accidents.

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