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Day Before Thanksgiving Birds

But, not turkeys for which, I’m certain, these birds at least are thankful.

Great Egret by the pond

Great Egret by the pond

Yesterday, I walked down to the little pond at the end of our street to check out the ducks.

A Great Egret was hunting along the far shore and I saw at least 15 Gadwalls. You can see one in the above picture above the word ‘great’ in the caption.

I also saw one Ring-necked Duck. Lesser Scaup. I only ever saw one last winter so I wonder if it’s the same one.

Lesser Scaup

Ring-necked Duck

A Great Blue Heron flew overhead out of the reeds behind me and I saw a few vultures, but that was it.

The Great Egret again

The Great Egret again

Update: Ted pointed out that the Ring-necked Duck had been mis-ID’d as a Lesser Scaup. I have corrected the post accordingly.


  1. Check the Lesser Scaup. Notice the white ring on the bill, and the white crescent or vertical slash immediately behind the breast? This is a Ring-necked Duck, not a Lesser Scaup. There is a subtle ring on the neck of this species as well, thus the name. But the ring on the bill is much more pronounced.

    Nice shot.

  2. Ted, thanks for catching the mis-ID’d duck. I’m still learning my ducks. I checked the shots of the Lesser Scaup I got last year against this one and I see that you’re right, which gives me a new life bird for my meager list. Thanks again!

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