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Six Wrens All the Richer

This bird has flown along with its six offspring. I checked the box on Monday evening and saw a pile of small wrens looking up at me. When I got home on Tuesday, they had all left. I dumped out the nest and saw no dead ones and there weren’t any struggling in the yard, so I assume they all made it into the air.

I’m sorry I missed the flight lessons, but it’s good enough to know that the world is six wrens better today.

Hopefully, I wasn’t too late in cleaning out the box; I’d love it if they came back for a second round this year.

Be sure to check out I and the Bird #47 at Bell Tower Birding. My Three Bird Lunch post, which has a fairly decent shot of a scissor-tailed flycatcher is included in the carnival. It’s funny that the one time I had my camera at work is the only time I’ve seen one there.


  1. I’m just excited I actually “got” a musical reference. I’m generally a bit lost as I don’t listen to anywhere near as much music as a lot of people, but I was introduced to Sixpence None the Richer back in high school.

    Just thought I’d share.

  2. I’m a bit off on my pop culture as well. Hence, the six-yr-old reference.

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