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Shooting outdoors without a wide angle lens forces me to look in less obvious places such as underneath low branches, places I have to work a bit to reach and then discover.

There are whole worlds underneath the things we never notice everyday. Cracks and rifts and canyons of broken wood known only to those who travel there, secret and undisturbed.


  1. It almost looks like an underwater shot. I like it!

  2. Funny that we just “branched” our code at work yesterday, and then you have this post.

  3. Great existential photography, as in the effort to see things for the first time, thus authentically. Also beautiful. Thanks also for stopping by Big Table.

  4. Patrick: Thanks. That’s the best thing about photography for me — not the recording, but the in the moment seeing.

    Greyt: Thanks.

    Heather: I’m not sure what branching code means, but it sounds serendipitous (which I may have misspelled)

  5. Be happy that you can be blissfully ignorant of code branching. It’s not nearly as fun as photos of branches. 🙂

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