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Evening-Star Rain Lilies


Evening Star Rain Lilies (Cooperia drummondii)

It actually rained here last week. Free water fell from the sky. Now, these starlike beauties have appeared everywhere. I stopped on my bike ride to photograph a few to ID, and was pleasantly surprised to discover their starry name.

evening-star rain lilies
along the trailside

a blanket
for a few more
cool nights


  1. oh, I love the name of these (and the words you pulled out of them.)

    are they very tall? I have similar-looking flowers here that are maybe an inch tall, and I never knew what they were. they blanket my yard every spring.

    here’s a pic —

    • Thanks, angie. I find I’m really enjoying the names as much as the flowers. Like butterflies, many of them have such evocative names.

      They aren’t that tall, only a few inches off the ground, most of the time. I like that picture, but I don’t know what your flowers are, beautiful as they are. Possibly related…

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