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Pictures from Tahoe: Wednesday

This is looking up at the mountains from Squaw Valley on a perfect morning:

Squaw Valley

We drove across the Sierras to Nevada City, CA to visit my uncle and aunt who have a house in the woods near there. Before lunch they took us to see the South Yuba River about a mile from their home.

This is looking up the river:

South Yuba River

This is looking down the river:

South Yuba River

When we got back to Squaw I tried my hand at glowing aspens, inspired by Ansel Adams:

Squaw Aspens


  1. you are making me home sick. Some of my happiest memories from before my marriage were trips into the high Sierras to pack, camp and ski….. that is certainly one thing that I miss in the midwest

  2. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It was hard to come back to the flat 100+ degree heat of centex.

    I could spend years, if not the rest of my life, exploring all the trails in the Sierras and probably never get bored.

    We’re definitely going back.

  3. I am very impressed with all of your photography!

    –RC of

  4. more lovely photos. I first came across Ansel Adams when on holiday in Calfornia and a couple of years ago there was an exhibition of his work in Edinburgh

    • I got to see an Adams exhibit here in Austin. It’s a real treat to see his actual prints, especially the ones I really know from books. There’s so much more in person.

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