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Plains Coreopsis (Golden Tickseed)



Plains Coreopsis aka Golden Tickseed or Goldenwave (Coreopsis tinctoria)


  1. Your photographs of these flowers are beautiful. I want to share a poem I wrote precisely for these flowers. The poem was inspired by paintings of Plains Coreopsis that the cousin of my poetry workshop leader painted. I have been looking around your website and I like what you’ve written.


    Sitting on the window
    sill new flowers
    ones I’d never seen

    Yellow petals flowering
    out from within dark
    maroon hearts invisibly beating

    I stare at the starbursts
    in the flowerbox wondering
    how they arrived on my sill

    Stray seeds perhaps flying
    over the Great Plains
    winds helping them along

    Until gravity finally brought
    them down to earth
    like fallen stars to rest

    Precisely in my window
    box sleeping quietly
    waiting for the right moment

    To open greet me
    Invite me over
    For a cup of sweetness

    • Laura, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your poem. I really enjoyed it, especially that sense of wonder at how plants travel and appear in unexpected places.

  2. My favorite wildflower! I’ve known it by the common name Goldenwave.

    • I’m just learning these flowers and so find myself sometimes having to choose between names for post titles. I’ll add goldenwave to the post, though, because I quite like it.

  3. That bottom photo would make for a great cover for a book of poems.

    They are all quite stunning, James.

    • Thank you, mark. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Speaking of books of poems, I received yours the other day. I’m looking forward to delving into it.

  4. What a beautiful pairing of colours. Not a flower that we have over here, sadly. I must check to see if they’re available commercially.

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