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Friday Hound Blogging: Daphne and the Little Pups

Over the years, shy Daphne and has become more doglike. Over Thanksgiving she surprised everyone. My in-laws came and brought their two puppies, (Special Guest Pups) Henry and Lucy. Henry is the little(er) one…

While Joey watched suspiciously and stayed out of the way (it’s hard to see exactly what those little things zipping around all the way down there are) and Phoebe slept, it was Daphne who bounced around and played – yes, played – with the puppies.

She chased ‘em, she dropped at ‘em, she even grabbed a toy and attacked it to show what she’s capable of.

Daphne. Played. With a toy.

It’s hard to believe this is the same dog I once had to pick up and carry (all 55 pounds of her) to the backyard to do her business.

Greyhounds carry baggage heavier than most dogs. It’s good to see Daphne leaving more and more of it behind.



  1. We never cease to be amazed at the resiliency of these dogs. Just a little kindness, a scratch or two a treat and a toy and they can come back from almost anything. You folks should be proud of what you’ve helped Daphne accomplish.

  2. I do love it when the scaredy-dogs come out of their shells, even just for a little while.

  3. We’re suckers for the spooky ones.

  4. first the story of the THREE barks and now this…it may be time to get some professional help. seriously though, i agree with fred 100%. you should both be very proud. i sure do miss them and i hope they enjoy their presents. cindy will be bringing simons, i didnt get anything for his daemon though…

  5. Daemons are content to be. Thanks for the toys, btw.

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