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Post-Halloween (Hell)Hound Blogging

Now that my blog seems to be working again, and I’ve emerged from my candy coma, I can finally post the Halloween pictures.

We stayed home as we usually do and handed out candy to the kids who are brave enough to face the occasional barking of the pups, who were dressed to impress.

Here’s Captain “Jack-O-Lantern” Joe, terror of the high pond near our house…

Phearsome Phoebe, the Good(?) Witch of the Greenbelt…

And, keeping a low profile, as is her wont, Dangerous Daph, just as likely to trick as treat…


  1. Happy to see that the pups got into the “spirit” of things – and that I am not the only one who gets their dogs in on the fun. Hershey Bear and Puddin’ wore their Halloween t-shirts…

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