in which Phoebe learns nuthin’

Greyhound Phoebe

Last night’s class was mainly dedicated to sit and loose-leash walking with introductions to heel. Phoebe is already great on a leash and came with heel pre-installed, so it was kind of like a free day for her.

We’re still working on sit, but Phoebe has mastered the other skills: watch me and leave it.

The teacher loves Phoebe, describing her as a gentle soul who is one of her all time favorite pupils. That’s probably why she gets more unearned treats than the other pups. All of this might be going to her head, though. When we got home Daphne followed her around wagging her tail and wanting to know what Phoebe had learned. After the butt-sniffing and play bows, I heard this exchange:

Daphne (wagging) – What did you learn?

Phoebe – Nuthin’

Daphne – What did they teach you?

Phoebe – Nuthin’

Ahh, teenagers. It reminds me of my school years. Perhaps she needs a project. I’m thinking we’ll try to turn a salad into a steak to see if it wakes Daphne up. Of course, greyhounds sometimes enjoy a good salad.

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