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Weekend Hound Blogging: Big Joe

Joey’s been here two weeks now, and I’m happy to say that he fits right in. Phoebe and Daphne love him. Phoebe and he chase one another around the yard, and even Daphne joins in the playing. This outlet for Phoebe’s energy has been especially kind to our furniture.

He’s a true cuddle monster, but he’s also very obedient and will hop right off the couch or bed when we say, ‘off.’ This is a useful feature since he’s such a big guy, and I’m glad it came preinstalled along with ‘take a bow’ and ‘shake.’

Fluffy toys are great fun; he loves slinging them around the living room and whenever he has a toy, his tail wags faster and faster. I’ve found that he enjoys tug-of-war and will even chase things, so I’m hoping that I can teach him to play ball. He’ll already go get the ball, so I guess I just have to teach him to bring it back.


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  1. Toby is looking good!

    Pre-installed commands and training are nice feature of greyhound adoption. The foster families do such a good job!

    – Iowa Greyhound

  2. I hadn’t thought that getting another dog would make it easier on the furniture. Sounds like everyone is happy.

  3. That’s one gorgeous hound.

  4. Heather, He’s 73 pounds.

    iowagreyhound, He’s our first to come to us already knowing anything more than how to run around a track.

    Jessica, It helps because it gives Phoebe something to do.

    George, Thanks. I’ll let him know, but I think he knows he’s quite the handsome devil.

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