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Weekend Hound Blogging: Dogs-eared

Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is all in the ears, especially Joey’s fabulous combover ear.

They’ve been pretty good nurses this week and by that I mean, they’ve been lounging around just like me.



  1. The “combover ear” cracks me up! I’d always seen them, but having that label in my head will make me smile everytime I see it again.

  2. What we want to know is, at whom is Phoebe extending her linguiform appendage, and does Joey in fact support her action?

  3. Nothing like greyhound ears for endless hours of entertainment. Good job catching them in action.

  4. The ears are great fun. I have a good shot of Phoebe’s earcrobatics for next week week perhaps.

    Fred, Joey supports Phoebe at all times.

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