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Weekend Hound Blogging: Houndspotting

Joey came to us an addict. He takes tranquilizers for his anxiety, but we’ve been trying to ween him off. He’s down to half his dose of junk and, so far, no dead puppies have been seen crawling across the ceiling. He’s a few weeks away from his final hit, but I think he’ll be fine without it.

Of course, there’s final hits and then there’s final hits, but in the meantime using Phoebe as a pillow is a good way to relax.


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  1. I had never thought of an animal addicted to painkillers. So sad. Good luck with the weening.

  2. The hounds look so happy with each other. Two very lucky dogs!

  3. Jessica, so far so good. I think he’ll be fine.

    iowa greyhound, they really like each other. Daphne (the one not pictured) seems pretty content with these two who we added over the past year as well.

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