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Weekend Hound Blogging: Mistakes Were Made

Phoebe says she has nothing to hide. Joey and Daphne claim not to recall the incident. A full investigation is pending.


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  1. Don’t you love passive voice?

  2. At least Joey’s wolf seems safe. Or did the wolf do it?

  3. Wolf will not be cried here.

  4. It’s quite obvious to me. Look at the blinds on that window on the right. I have no doubt that Islamoninja shadow terriers entered the house while Phoebe, Joey and Daphne were innocently sleeping and performed this henious act. I suggest you retaliate by invading the local Petsmart. The Cockatoos will welcome you as a liberator.

  5. ok, I got to know what happened. At first I thought it was the ottoman that got it, but I noticed it was like that in the background of Joey and franken-wolf.

    I just love that Phoebe, just never let her and Nigel get together.

  6. Amy, We’ve learned that it was the dog bed in the lower left corner. The ottoman was worked over months ago. It’s an ongoing project actually – one of Phoebe’s. We love our dogs more than the furniture and hope she’ll outgrow it when she gets past her terrible twos.

    Fred, We’re more likely to invade Petco because that’s were Joey’s special food is bought. The revenues from a Petco assault would help the op pay for itself.

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