Dog DishesThere are many pressing issues here at the end of the world (and I feel fine), but one stands out among the many.

I am trying to understand why two dogs will wait in line (greyhounds are rather polite) for an empty dish when there is a dish chock full of delicious kibble and canned vegetables only a few inches away. Why will both hounds whine and lick the empty dish rather than go to the full one?

Sometimes I will switch the dishes, in which case they will often step away from the full one and continue to lick hopelessly at the empty one. The only solution is to dump half the contents of the full dish into the empty dish, which often starts the cycle over again.

I have noticed though that if I add something especially tasty to the full dish, they will abandon the empty one for the full one. Are they hoping for something better? Are they saving for the future? Is the empty dish just somehow better in a way that only dogs can understand?