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Perhaps remixing your old posts is the lowest for of blogging, but I saw this old post from 4 years ago listed in the “On This Day In” section of the sidebar and realized that my small stone for the day was to be found right here in the blog archives.


  1. oh, I don’t think so at all(the lowest form thing). I think it’s more of an improving, or a catching up to something you didn’t quite capture the first time.

    I love this one, but then of course, I am partial to words-on-pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Not at all the lowest! A definite downside of blogging, especially for creative writers and artists, is that it fosters ephemerality (not that ephemerality doesn’t have its attractive side). Good stuff is worth revisiting. And the new visit often brings new thoughts and perceptions that enrich it further.

    • You’re right about that ephemerality, Jean. It’s easy to forget to go back and re-examine and revise things once they’ve disappeared into the archives.

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