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Heat Advisory

bring water, electrolytes
this night will burn

heat and light
have come untwined

out on the porch
I call back the dogs

swift feet, darkness
panting shadows

sweat beads my forehead
the stillness of trees

leaves roasted
beyond autumn gold

pray for rain, ask
in secret for hurricanes

they claim this red moon
only reflects


  1. Sounds about right.

    Wonderful, James. Simply Wonderful !

  2. Favourite line in a fine, atmospheric poem – ‘heat and light / have come untwined’

  3. Brilliant, specially the second stanza and the ending.

  4. Given how things have been going down there… I like that you’re taking a dismal situation and still finding hope and beauty in it. Beautiful words.

  5. Wonderful imagery.. Those are my favourite lines too – “heat and light /have come untwined “

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments.

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