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Fable (videopoem)

This is the videopoem I made for the Moving Poems contest. The poem is by Howie Good. The video, reading and uke strummin’ are me.


  1. i’m honored that you’d devote your prodigious talents to elucidate and interpret my work

    • Thanks for allowing such open interpretation of your work. It’ll be interesting to see what kinds of different takes people come up with.

  2. I enjoyed listening to and watching this!

  3. Wonderful. I love the layering of the images here…great work.

    Thanks for your comment today, as well!

  4. Beautiful. I hope you win something….

  5. So good, James. Difficult to achieve anything of substance within so brief a span, but this three-way compound works beautifully.

    • Thank you, Dick. I didn’t want it to go too long since the poem is so short, so I’m glad to hear that the length works.

  6. Ah- you had me at uke strummin’! (I’m a fellow lover of the ukulele, rock on!)

    And that line, “The world is made of tiny, struggling things”- divinely beautiful.

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