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Four and Twenty and Housekeeping

Two things:

1. While I was out of town last week, I forgot to link to Four and Twenty, where one of my haiku was featured as the “Four and Twenty of the week.” Check it out.

2. You may have noticed the type on my site is larger. Ever since I redesigned the site in Jan 2009 to ditch the 2nd sidebar and widen the content area to accommodate larger photos something has bugged me about the font. I’ve tried different fonts but after reading iA’s The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard (h/t Dave for the link), I realized that what was bugging me was the size of the font relative to the expanded line length.

I tried a larger font, and I like the results. How does it look out there in blog land? Easier on the eyes?


  1. Congrats on the featured haiku – I like it a lot. And yes, the larger font is easier on the eyes. Thanks! Are you doing napowrimo this year? I’m going to try my hand at it. Yikes!

    • Thanks, Heather. I think I’m going to give NaPoWriMo a go this year. Good luck to you. I like your new poetry blog, btw.

  2. I quite like the clean, simple and airy look and feel of your site. It has always impressed me in that regard. Content wise, I love it.

    And congrats on being featured at Four and Twenty. That is a fabulous publication.

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