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gauzy clouded sky,
like ink bleeding through paper
unreadable blue

This week’s Read Write Poem prompt (#74: Hyperlink Your Poetry) was to hyperlink a poem and try to add a bit of depth. I wanted to try to hyperlink every word so I chose a haiku I wrote yesterday. In addition to hyperlinking, I decided to make use of the HTML title attribute so that when readers mouse over the words, there will be something to read that perhaps adds (or perhaps removes) something from the poem.

What emerges is essentially an annotated poem. Mousing over the individual words will reveal one of the following: a related haiku/mircopoem, word associations, a question, wordplay or process notes. Following the links will lead to other (sort of) related sites.

I tried to think of each word individually to see where associations would take me both in terms of what I wrote and the sites to which I linked.

Follow the links, too. Especially that last one.

For those who may want to play with the title attribute, here’s an example using the HTML for the word bleeding in the poem:

<a href=”” title=”how many times while cutting mattes have i bled for my art?”>bleeding</a>


  1. I like the haiku and all the places it leads to. And congrats on your NBN award.

  2. Yeah, your Hai-Ku is hip!

  3. Wow…who knew 17 syllables could take you in so many directions. Excellent application of hyperlinks!

  4. this made me chuckle this morning, the hyperlinks that is. the poem rocked my socks, great read on a rainy sunday morning. “gauzy” couldn’t have been a more perfect choice.

  5. I like this. As for the hyperlinks, they work well. I especially like your hyperlink wordplay between “gauzy” and the mathematician. A joy to read.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed doing this exercise, but I don’t think I could manage hyperlinking a longer poem like this. Still, it was interesting to pause and consider each word individually. Thank you, all, for reading and for your comments.

  7. excellent, that’s very creative hyperlinking ….

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