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Hidden by the fog…

Finally, the internet is working again, so I can direct your attention elsewhere…

Another of my haiku is up over at tinywords. Check it out and while you’re there, have a look around at the rest of Issue 10.1. It’s well-worth the time.

Also, thanks to Adam Ford for including my poem “Looking for Flaws, Hoping to Find Some” on his June 2010 Poetry Mix Tape. Be sure to check out the others linked there.


  1. Terrific times two. You’re in terrific company in both venues. Nice!

  2. hey — congrats, James!

    I love the bird-map idea; never thought of it that way before but you’re absolutely right. it’s seems like you stirred up a “tiny” controversy over there — it always cracks me up when people disagree over “what is a haiku.”

    and the poetry mix-tape is way cool; let’s hope the kids know what a mix-tape is!

    • Thanks, angie. I try to stay out of such controversies and not try to worry too much about what is/isn’t haiku since it won’t really change the way I approach writing my micro poems.

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