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a fugitive starlet
escapes her vise.

a moment’s graft;
we covet her vice.

an iron ecstasy,
we’re infected by virus

spread by paparazzi
who turn it to cancer.

This is for Read Write Poem. I used the read write word #10 prompt where you try to write a poem using the words provided in a list. It was an interesting exercise. Usually when I write I know what I want to write about. Well, sort of. Sometimes. Anyway, this time, I only knew what words I would use and this poem is what they wanted to do. The words I used were: fugitive, starlet, covet, graft, vise, ecstasy, iron, virus, paparazzi.

It is interesting that the words shaped themselves into something that deals with my continued surprise that with 2 wars and an economic meltdown we still seem to be more concerned with the doings and undoings of celebrities than anything else.


  1. Great use of the words. Not only do they work together in new ways, they reference back to news itself.

    And yeah, it’s pathetic that celebrity counts for so much in an of itself.

    (And glad you found RWP & having A Good Time!)

  2. Yeah, I like this and the way you titled it.
    A good use of the prompted words!

    The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

  3. (PS: We share some interests: Birds, cats, nature, hiking. Cool. I love greyhounds, although don’t have one. Hubby & I have Belgian Terveran and three very distinct — of course — cats. I am pretty sure you spell better than I do.)

  4. “Celebrity”‘s lives are even more enticing to fall into, now, to escape economic reality. (I’ve lived in the Dallas area for 27 years; I’ve never seen so many vacant storefronts “For Lease”.)

  5. I agree with you on this one, its scary where the collective attention tends to focus given what’s actually happening all around…

  6. you made great use of the words,it is sad but hollywood did great during the depression because people needed to escape their own dramas and keep their dreams alive…
    and thank you for your visit

  7. I love what you did with the prompt–paparazzi turning it to cancer. Great image!

    And, I think it’s just a normal human reaction to be concerned with insignificance…that whole ignoring-the-elephant-in-the-room thing. We don’t want to know that Rome-is-burning.

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