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Some Recent Publications

For those of you still coming ’round here, I’m excited to share some recent publication news:

“Coyote’s Bone” in Issue 6 of Zoomorphic

“Blown Away” in Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY

“Nicky Rose Driving South” in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine

Thanks to the editors of these fine journals for seeing fit to publish my work, and I hope you’ll check it out. And just because I’m still really proud of this one, if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll click over to White Knuckle Press and read my prose poem chapbook What Stranger Miracles.


  1. Hey Professor Brush, “What Stranger Miracles” guides my focus to the ocean’s edge–so much stuff left by humans often distracts its vast beauty. Your introduction reminded me of our times together at the Academy. You are an awesome teacher as well as an insightful poet rambling his way to discover meaning.

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