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And Then He Noticed Two Months Had Slipped By



Is this thing still on?


  1. Still here and waiting for your return….

  2. We thought you’d just gone all greyhound on us and were perfecting your napping strategies.

  3. Can you hear me now?….Can you hear me now?…

  4. I thought maybe you were out birding, James. Or writing. Anyway, that’s what bloglines are for!

    Did you ever see a CaraCara? Sightings of this bird were mentioned on two Austin blogs – one in NW Austin and one far South so I wondered if it was on your list.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Heather, I’m back and will do your meme tag soon.

    Fred, Not napping nor writing much, but I’m about to launch into a new project now that it’s summer again. The hounds keep calling me to curl up, though.

    Annie, I have not seen a CaraCara around.

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