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Another Life Lesson Learned

If you use your thumb to break your fall, your fall may break your thumb.

(That’s what I get for ignoring the lesson about running up stairs two at a time in flip flops.)


  1. a new take on the “monkeys jumping on the bed” lesson.

  2. Owww.

    Get well soon.

  3. Thanks. It looks like I’ll have to put all my big hitchhiking plans on hold.

  4. running upstairs in flip flops? obviously you are not a California kid!!

    Now running down stairs in flip flops….thats IMPRESSIVE….

  5. Not a CA kid, but I learned my flip flop skillz in the Phillipines, though since coming to Austin and trading the ‘flops for birkenstocks and granola, I guess I’m out of practice.

  6. You wore shoes in the Phillipines? I’m pretty sure I spent those 3 years of my life blissfully barefoot.

  7. I was barefoot quite a bit, but the pavement was hot.

  8. You had pavement where you lived? That must’ve been the difference. Meanwhile, sorry for the typo — I have some sort of mental block — 2 ls and 1 p or 1 l and 2 ps. I got it now: Philippines.

  9. Yes, lots of pavement. The Navy took good care of us.

    I always have to check my spelling on that too. PI is so much easier.

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