After tuning out of politics for months and just living in a kind of blissful ignorance, well, actually not ignorance, it’s more the kind of sickening certainty that requires neither updates nor commentary, I discovered that there is an election looming on the very distant horizon and there are a whole slew of puppets people who would like to lead this country the rest of the way to Hell in a handbasket.

I wish I had watched the Democrats debate last night. Perhaps the performance would have given me hope, though in perusing this morning’s paper, I find that the questions came from YouTube and one from a snowman who was concerned about global warming. A snowman? Really?

“Is this what political discourse in this country has come to?” asked the blogger whose own snowman suit is at the drycleaners, thus allowing only a trace of irony.

Okay, so there’s no reason to hope. We’re good and screwed.

Looking at the D side, I think I like Edwards and Richardson, but in the interest of staying in the real world, I suspose I’ll have to choose between Obama and Clinton. I like Obama. Clinton, on the other hand,¬†voted for the Iraq war and therefore lacks the wisdom and foresight that I and many like me possessed in 2003 when those with open eyes saw this for the fool’s errand that it is. She is therefore unfit for the office. The president should be smarter than me. I guess that leaves Obama.

On the R side, it appears that McCain has lost his staff and his mind, leaving only some actor who might or might not run, that mayor from NYC and some flip-flopper from Massachusetts. My, wouldn’t that be a delicious little bit of irony if he gets the nomination. Perhaps, I’ll watch these bottom-of-the-barrel R’s try to defend themselves against the damning arguments of that snowman.