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During summer vacation I can actually eat out, enjoy Austin’s many great restaurants, try new things, eat whenever I want, and yet my favorite lunch is to sit at home, read a magazine, and listen to something on the stereo while the dogs watch for dropped food.

Today it was National G, Bill Frissell, and my all-time favorite summer lunch prepared haiku style…

Tuna fish sandwich
Chips, and a glass of iced tea
Good Dog, Happy Man


  1. That’s hillarious! I love it.

    Reading Your Blog
    Late at night I need to sleep
    Morning comes soon

    –RC of

  2. Okay, ENOUGH with the haikus, James!

    Haiku drives me mad
    the pressure to be witty
    using such few words


  3. thanks to both of you
    nice to respond in hailku
    worse than heroin

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