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Old Photo Friday

This Friday we enjoy (I hope) a glimpse of Austin, or at least a corner of it, back in the early ’90s…

GM Steak House

This picture of the GM Steak House, which had been searing steers for thirty years, was taken in 1990 or 1991 while I was waiting for the bus on the Drag between MLK and 21st.

I set the picture up and waited for a car to come along. While doing that, one of the employees at the GM got on a PA system and started serving up some of the attitude and commentary for which they were famous.

Fortunately, I did not have to endure the insults for long as the bus came to whisk me away shortly after the picture was taken.

I think there’s only one GM Steak House left now, and I think it’s only open for breakfast and lunch.


  1. i feel like a good, juicy steak right now. i usually don’t eat red meat, but every once in awhile i get an urge to indulge. great picture. surprised you still have it!

  2. did they go down the tubes because of bad attitude or bad food? mmmmmm maybe Tyson did them in? *G*

    BTW…my new blog site is

  3. Joey, I don’t eat much red meat either, but when the hankering comes, it better be good. McDonalds won’t cut it. As to the pictures, I have them all. It was my first major in college.

    Mallory, The bad attitude was part of their “charm.” The food was good too. I think they went away as so much of ‘old Austin’ has because they couldn’t afford rent and the spaces they were in were quite desirable. That’s just a guess, though.

  4. Wow, happy to find this picture. Please post more if you have ’em. I have fond memories of GM–great GREAT Cheeseburger Platter. Wish they were still around.

  5. Unfortunately, this is the only one of GM Steakhouse. Thanks for visiting.

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