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10 Poems

This is somewhat overdue and includes poems I found in September and October. Follow the links and enjoy the work of these fine blogging poets…

“Coyote Crossing” by Chris Clarke. A moving meditation on the cycle of life and death from a roadkilled coyote pup to the golden eagles that bear him away… “He would have been a god here; he lay broken, compromised, / dissolving in the desert heat, insensible, inert.”

“Un Secret Served on a Porcelain Platter with a Fish Head” by PJS. I love the title and those “Wasted girls with gunslinger hips”

“The moon, the sea and the aspen tree” by Sharon Brogan. Lovely lyrical poetry… I can read just the title over and over again… from one of the first blogging poets I ever found.

“Drought-ridden” by Laurie Kolp. A fellow Texan writes about this unending drought… “my mind’s a dervish fit of fear”

“Haiku Headaches” by Juliet Wilson aka Crafty Green Poet. Great haiku with fascinating process notes.

“One foot in front of the other” by Deb Scott… “Some secrets are like a cavity / filled with precious metals”

“Greater Love” by Dick Jones. Powerful meditation on religion’s darker use.

“What’s right in front of me” by Carolee Sherwood…
“three pumpkins flicker and grin on your window sill,/ heads the children cut from their own necks”

“Chivalry” by Joseph Harker. Violence and the beauty of sure movement. Be sure to check out Joseph’s new chapbook Greeks Bearing Gifts.

“you can’t tell direction here” by Dana Guthrie Martin. The poem has been removed as has another I’d planned to link to. Here’s why. Congrats and good luck, Dana.

10 Poems (Now with 2 Bonus Poems!)

Links to some poems by web-based writers whose work I’ve enjoyed lately. I hope you’ll follow the links and enjoy these poems as well.

“Cloudlonely” by Susan S. Keiser. This one just sounds so good. One to reread and savor.

“Morning” at Jumping Into Life (Not sure who the writer is). A perfectly captured moment watching birds and baby (much like my summer has been).

“Time’s Reflection” by Jean Morris. A lovely photo poem. The words and image could stand alone but together… wow.

“In Victimhood” by Horace Jeffery Hodges. A clever parody of “Invictus” and a reminder for me to get that flu shot.

“795 (Concrete)” by Angie Werren. A stunning “phoem” (as she calls them) appearing in her beautifully redesigned feathers micropoetry site. A good reminder to leave the RSS reader once in a while.

“Being” by Neil Reid. This one had me at the first lines: “there is a gate, we call it sky / when visible, we call it cloud”.

“If there were such things as ghosts” by Dave Bonta with a whole comment thread of very cool ghost poems by Dave’s readers.

“Mail Pouch” by Hannah Stephenson. I’m always amazed by the quality of Hannah Stephenson’s work considering she manages to write and post a poem every day. I had several I wanted to pick, but this was a favorite for the opening image of the barn and the faded letters. What is it about faded ads on old buildings anyway?

“from seeds here & in my backyard” by Carolee Sherwood. Wisdom gleaned from watching nature’s processes.

“The Bone House” by Wrensong. A moment by the sea: “the salt-scented blossoms of kelp / the song of whales and old wars.”

“Night Predator” by Sherry Chandler in The Cortland Review Issue 52.

“Indiana” by Dale Patterson in Right Hand Pointing Issue 43, Part1. Read the whole thing.

10 Poems

I’ve spent a lot of hours lately rocking the little dude in the middle of the night. It’s a peaceful, quiet time and since I’m on summer vacation, it’s not like I have to get up and be anywhere for a few weeks, so I rather like sitting in the semi-dark with the baby asleep on my shoulder while I read poems on my iphone. I like to just sit and look at him but at night, I need to make sure I don’t fall asleep while I’m holding him so I read. The computer and books are too cumbersome for one-handed reading, but the old phone has really come into its own. Anyway, here are ten poems I’ve read and liked lately. I hope you’ll follow the links and check them out.

“Summer Nocturne ii: Hudson River Fireworks” by Joseph Harker. What a wonder it is to walk around New York City, the main thing I ever want to do when I’m there.

“Curating the Dead” by Dave Bonta. One I really liked from Dave’s series of Highgate Cemetery poems.

“Like Green Eggs, Summer” by Briarcat. Summer heat has its moments.

“Feels Like 108 Degrees” by Jessica Fox-Wilson. Meditation on heat, surrendering to it just a little.

“Broken” by Angie Werren… “fingers clumsy with a memory”

“Blank Stare Escape” by Mark Stratton. What happens when you call yourself a poet?

“A Stone in a River, 11” by Deb Scott. The hard necessity of fire.

“A Theology of an Autistic Body” by Nicole Nicholson. Another stellar entry in qarrtsiluni‘s ongoing imprisonment issue.

“There Are Howling Wolves” by NS from her latest collection Dark and Like a Web.

July 2011: A River of Stones. Not a poem, but a repository for all the micro-poems people are writing for the July River of Stones.

I’ve been trying to find a way to share links to blogging poets whose poems I’ve found and liked online, but I’ve struggled to find a way to do it consistently, so I’ll try this. I don’t know if I’ll do it when I find ten poems or if I’ll try posting links like this weekly whether or not there are ten. I guess we shall see.

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