I tried doing this thing of regularly linking to 10 poems, and it rarely got done so I’m downshifting to 5 in the hope that I’ll do this more frequently. Sure it’s fewer poems, but it’s only to serve you better. And, shamelessly, I start off this edition of 5 Poems with one of mine.

“if there are angels” is one of my small stones appearing over at Angie Werren’s feathers blog where Angie shares her beautiful micro-poems and this month she’s sharing her blog with others as part of Couplets: a multi-author poetry blog tour. Thanks, Angie.

“The Grackle” by Pat at Bailey Road: “With outstretched neck / He looks a bit odd / As he searches the skies / For the grackle god.” Wonderful grackle photos there too.

“Playing dodge ball in a super-collider” by Brian Miller: “Poe has a raven, Coleridge an albatross / and i / this parchment sky // where birds turn slow circles searching” Wonderful to find a vulture-inspired poem to follow the grackle one.

“Magpies” by Joseph Harker: “they arrow into the east (which is the future) / where the moon has come up like a wide / plate of marble. It is her face.” I’ve never seen a magpie since they don’t show up here in Texas, but there are a lot of really cool poems about them. This is one of them.

“Respite” by Deb Scott: “a pocket here, a soloist there / an unseen owl makes queries”. Birds and flowers from a spring walk. Great music in this one. Take the time to read it aloud. Deb’s also doing napowrimo so be sure to read some of the other poems she’s writing this crazy month.