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A Review of Birds Nobody Loves at Via Negativa

Dave Bonta, author of Odes to Tools and the recent Words on the Street inaction comic book, reviewed Birds Nobody Loves over at his blog Via Negativa:

This is a fun book, and light-weight enough to slip easily in a knapsack with the field guides.

I like the idea of it joining the field guides on a birding trip. The review is part of Dave’s amazing annual effort to read and review a poetry book every day during the month of April. I usually wind up buying a few of his picks each year, and this year will be no exception so it’s indeed an honor to have my book included in such fine company. Do go check out the review and be sure to read about some of the other books Dave is reading. Thanks, Dave.

Interview & Review at AGGASPLETCH

Mark Stratton, poet, blogger and author of Tender Mercies, interviewed me about writing, poetry, birds, my new book and other topics:

Without naming it, describe for me your favorite beverage?

My favorite beverage consists of ice cold hydrogen atoms joined in a 2:1 ratio with a crisp pure oxygen atom. This beverage is best served over the solid state form of itself.

I hope you’ll go read the whole thing, and also check out mark’s short review of Birds Nobody Loves posted last week.

Thanks, mark!

Another Review of Birds Nobody Loves

Juliet Wilson, poet, blogger and author of Unthinkable Skies posted a review of Birds Nobody Loves on her blog Crafty Green Poet:

The poetry is well observed, here is someone who clearly watches birds carefully and has a way with words to describe them in striking ways. The poems show the more engaging sides of the birds and also comment more directly on people’s hatred of them.

Juliet was also the first to publish any of my vulture and grackle poems: “Good Authority” and “My Tourist Yard” first appeared on her literary e-journal Bolts of Silk back in 2009. Thanks, Juliet!

Interview at Wordgathering

Margo Roby interviewed me at her Wordgathering blog today. We talk about Birds Nobody Loves, vultures, grackles, poetry, self-publishing and writing in general. Check it out.

Thanks, Margo!

The First Review of Birds Nobody Loves

The first review of Birds Nobody Loves is up at bhulbhulaiyan:

I was amazed that I would even like pieces about birds- let alone, ones nobody loves. I mean, I could imagine poems about blue birds and peacocks and the like…but grackles?? Number one, what in heaven’s name is a grackle? To my amazement, I enjoyed each piece. By the third read, I was seeing layers in some of the pieces…wise layers…intriguing layers. I knew this was a keeper.

Thanks, Anjuli!

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