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Tag: gogyohka

the moon
cradled in elm

plastic ghosts
sway on the wind

long autumn

full trees still
to summer

a sulphur butterfly
rides prairie wind

late sunflowers
lean heavy
against a barbwire fence

a gray stone
shaped just like the moon
in his pocket

afternoon’s treasures
bang in the washer

stinky kiss
phoebe licks my face

behind a cirrus scrim
the dog star
drifts up the night

five swans
their rapid wake
touches shore

ripples in the reeds
a lone egret

the sages bow
south wind
through dry leaves
greyhounds sniff
the siren night


butterflies weave
Indian blanket

wildflower fields
surround the jail


I step
toward a cluster
of white flowers

ripple outwards


a blue jay flies
from the abandoned nest
half an eggshell
wobbles in the dirt
broken cup of sky

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