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fevered skin
a wolf pack stalking
over snow

among rain lilies
a mockingbird

bluebonnets fading
their scent lingers in the air
firewheels begin

our dark street
three deer, hoofs clacking
morning stars

3 ‘Ku

a deer herd
silent through the trees
the dogs freeze

I Doodle, You Ku 2014 #30


he pushes away
the approaching toothbrush
late sunset fading

I Doodle, You Ku #27


dad’s telescope
pointing towards Saturn
eyes open to wonder

I Doodle, You Ku #26

the neighbor’s lanterns
sway in this late cold front breeze
someone new moves in

I Doodle, You ‘Ku #2014-23

we go back to work
coats wrapped around us
tailpipe smoke

black vultures
umbrella parade
morning rain

the waiting backhoe
a dinosaur in the fog
men begin their work

grackles rise and fall
leaves in the wild slipstream
passing trucks

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