Barton Springs 2007

I guess so. As with my last accidental hiatus back in 2008, my site was hacked while I was away. This was due to not upgrading WordPress just like last time. I’ve done that now and have made some decisions for simplicity’s sake.

First off, I’ve switched over to a minimally modified version of one of the WordPress out-of-the-box themes. This will keep it updated and therefore more secure since I don’t have time to constantly update my old homemade theme to account for changes in php calls and theme functions. Plus, it was starting to look a bit jacked up so Coyote Mercury is now wearing Twenty Ten, which is what I’ve been using at a gnarled oak for 2 years now, and I rather like it.

Speaking of a gnarled oak, I’m closing it up. Not because I’m done with micropoetry but because maintaining two blogs just isn’t sustainable for me. Call it downsizing, but at least there were no layoffs. The entire gnarled oak staff is now here at Coyote Mercury. I posted my micros here during NaPoWriMo, and I liked how they fit in with everything so I’ve made it permanent. I’ll keep the old site up but unmaintained for the most part. If you’ve been reading there, thanks, I hope you’ll visit here and if you’re only interested in my micro poems, here’s the category link for my small stones and the small stones category RSS for subscribing to just that feed, though I hope you’ll consider subscribing to the main feed.

I’ve also updated the publications pages and created a book page with links to info and reviews about my books including Birds Nobody Loves, which now has its own page with both videos and links to all reviews.

Now, let’s see if I can get around to doing some more blogging.