Husky Rescue at ACL 2006

This is Husky Rescue performing at the 2006 Austin City Limits Festival back in September, and today making an appearance at the bottom of the Friday Random Ten.

  1. “Who Loves the Sun” – Velvet Underground
  2. “Iron Man” – The Bad Plus *
  3. “Prime Directive” – Dave Holland Quintet
  4. “Shack” – Medeski, Martin and Wood *
  5. “Wedge” – Phish *
  6. “Arnold Layne” – Pink Floyd *
  7. “Zelao” – Vince Guaraldi
  8. “Animals” – Talking Heads *
  9. “Confusion is Next (live)” – Sonic Youth *
  10. “Summertime Cowboy” – Husky Rescue *

I realize that I have seen seven of these acts (marked with *’s) live, but the Talking Heads, which I saw in ’90, was without David Byrne. Jerry Harrison and Tina Weymouth split the vocals and put on a great show along with Debbie Harry and the Ramones.