After my visit to Hornsby Bend yesterday, I had a few minutes before meeting R for lunch.

I parked at Auditorium Shores, which is a good place to walk around and look at the ever-changing skyline except for the fact that the whole area smells like dog crap. Why can’t people just pick up after their dogs?

Avoiding the mines, I walked to the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue where I took this obligatory Austin photo.

Official Stevie and Austin cliche photo

Official Stevie and Austin cliché photo

Hard to believe I’ve been here longer than that statue and I’m only just now doing the Stevie-Ray-and-skyline shot. Maybe there’s something to be said for leaving things for oneself to do.

Red-winged Blackbirds

Red-winged Blackbirds

After the statue, I followed a small flock of Red-winged Blackbirds west for a few yards trying to get a closer shot of one.

I was pleasantly surprised to see them as I had hoped to see more than just the one at Hornsby.

Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird

Then one came right at me!

Red-winged Balckbird in flight

Red-winged Blackbird in flight

Aside from the red-wings, I also saw some Gadwalls, American Coots, Great-tailed Grackles, Rock Doves, and a Yellow-crowned Night Heron fishing on the far shore.

High above the night heron, one of the new condos was also visible.

Downtown Austin condo

Downtown Austin condo

Not bad for 20 minutes waiting around.