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Weekend Cat Blogging: Goodbye, Little Man


On Friday morning, we learned that Morrison had cancer. He’d been vomiting for a few days, and when we took him in to see the internist who had been treating his diabetes, she couldn’t hear his heartbeat because of a massive tumor. There was another one in his sinus, and she said that the best treatment would only buy him a few painful weeks if it didn’t kill him outright. She couldn’t believe he could even still breathe without oxygen.

Our little guy deserved better, and we couldn’t bear the thought of him suffering so we decided to say goodbye and euthanize him then. It’s hard to say goodbye to old friends who are such a part of the family. Morrison was my wife’s cat for two years before she met me so he really was there at the beginning. Fortunately for me he liked me as much as I liked him.

I went from being a strict dog person to a dog and cat person over the eleven years that I lived with Morrison. There are many things that I will miss such as his coming to wake us up in the morning, his unique trick of petting his face with his back paw, the way he used to lay there and chew on the dogs’ nylabones that were almost as big as him, his habit of knocking keys off the counter and looking at you like he really wasn’t trying to hit the dogs, and the way he always soldiered on despite arthritis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and all kinds of other issues.

It was a hard two years for him, but he was never unhappy, never in pain, and always a great friend.

We’ll miss him terribly, but always cherish the time we had with him.

Update: My wife has a beautiful post about him on her blog. And a cute picture as well.

Old Photo Friday

Today we had to have our beloved cat, Morrison, put to sleep. He’s had diabetes and arthritis for the past two years, and today we learned he had cancer and that there was nothing that could be done.

So for today’s old photo we take a look at what’s probably going on in Heaven right now (after Zephyr finished sniffing his butt that is)…

Morrison and Zephyr

Believe it or not, there’s actually very good news today too, but it will have to wait.

Morrison Takes One for the Team

Shortly after posting last week’s installment of Weekend Cat Blogging, Morrison hopped up on my wife’s lap where she noticed to her horror that his chin and lower jaw were so swollen that he looked like Santa Claus.

Now, the old guy is diabetic so whenever anything weird happens we pretty much have to get him to a vet asap, so off we went to animal emergency where they know us pretty well.

It turns out that Morrison was stung or bitten whilst defending us from a gigantic (foot long if it was an inch) scorpion or perhaps some kind of spider (one of Shelob’s children, no doubt) that may have been lurking in some dark corner.

The vet at animal emergency shaved his chin to look for a wound, and then started him on benadryl. He had to stay for a few hours on Sunday night and then he was released back to us with enough lower jaw to build a second cat.

I had to give him benadryl tablets every eight hours. We had some fine times in the nether hours of the night in which I chased him around trying to ‘pill’ him only to watch him spit the pill out. It was a good game that we played every 2am for a few nights this week.

Finally, during a trip to Petsmart I learned that there is such a device that will allow one to shoot a pill down the back of a cat’s throat. With my new weapon in hand, Morrison was no match for me, and I am happy to report that his swelling has subsided.

He now looks like a normal cat. Normal with a shaved chin, that is. Still, he wears his battle scar proudly, a reminder of what a fierce beast he is.

Update: Upon coming back to town (after abandoning Morrison in his hour of need) I learned that his bravery has earned him the Feline Theocracy’s Legion of Feline Merit Medal with Catnip Leaf Cluster. The award was presented at the 123rd Carnival of the Cats hosted at The Scratching Post.

Weekend Cat Blogging: That’s My Spot

Sometimes to get a good picture one has to get between a fierce beast and his prey food dish.


Weekend Cat Blogging: The Good Old Days

Morrison remembers when cats were worshiped as gods. Today I spotted him meditating before the enlighted cat.

Morrison and the Egyptian God

Someday when cats are returned to their rightful position in human theology, Morrison will be ready.

Weekend Hound & Cat Blogging: Reunions

Morrison and the Dogs

While we were on vacation, Morrison and Phoebe stayed at a “resort.” Morrison enjoyed a large room in the cat suite, and Phoebe lived it up with the other dogs. Daphne stayed with my sister’s family as she has ever since we tried to board her back in 2003.

On that occasion, Daphne hid and panted and shivered so badly that the staff upgraded her and our other dog (Zephyr) to a deluxe suite, which looked like a small apartment and cost $70/day. They were kind enough not to charge us the difference, but they also said that Daphne is unboardable.

From then on, Daphne and Zephyr would stay with my sister, but since Phoebe is still in her terrible twos, we thought it best to board her. She seemed to like the experience, but we wondered how they would react when they saw each other again after a week.

Neither dog was especially excited to see us (we had, after all abandoned them) but they were thrilled to see one another. They threw aside their usual greyhound stoicism and jumped around, spinning, dancing, popping wheelies, and dropping into play-bow position. Phoebe even executed a few ollies off the couch.

Morrison, an old hand at being boarded and coming home, was more concerned that his cat box was where he left it, but I think he was happy in his own mellow feline way to once again see his stooges goons friends.


Want to make a fast friend by saving a greyhound in Central Texas? Check these pups out. Or go here to find a greyhound near you. You can also go here to find out why greyhounds are running for their lives.

If you have dogs who need proven leadership, go here to find a cat.

Weekend Cat Blogging: Library Cat

There’s a dining room in the front of our house, but in the year and a half that we’ve been here, we’ve never once eaten in there or even wanted to, preferring to eat in the breakfast area. The light is beautiful in that room, though. Finally we came to our senses and decided to move the table, put in shelves around the walls and give our many books a home, thus building what kids call a “Lie-berry.”

Morrison, of course, quickly discovered the quiet joy of being a library cat. He’s been reading more lately, too. That is when he isn’t catching the sunbeams that spread out over his new favorite chair.

Morrison the Library Cat

Weekend Cat Blogging: There but for the Grace of Cat Goes Bug

Morrison knew he could get that bug if he wanted it bad enough.


Weekend Cat Blogging: Yeah, I Rule.

Morrison - Hello

O, the Fame! O, the Accolades!

Morrison is this week’s Catmodel of the Week over at Carnival of the Cats. A few weeks ago, the carnival’s host asked if Morrison’s picture could be used on the Carnival Banner. After checking with his attorneys and press agent, he agreed. People clicked on his picture and now he’s bad, he’s nationwide. You might say that he’s bonafide, he’s got prospects. You’d definitely be correct in thinking that he’s won the people’s ovation forever.

By the way, don’t forget to check out this week’s Carnival of the Cats over at Justin’s Random Thoughts.

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